FYKUS GOLDEN JUBILEE is an attempt by performance duet FYTA (meaning: plants) to create a hybrid space, where they will present their multifaceted work, together with projects by various chosen creatives that they are interested in and with whom they are in a dialectic discourse / creative dialogue. What is important for us is the putting-together of a lively space, in which the borders between artistic media and roles, both in setting-up, as well as in participation to the creative act are blurred. Thus, FYTA’s role will continuously mutate from artists to subject matter, from curators to performers, from those who encourage to those criticise in the most venomous way.

The main interactive/developing part of the whole happening will last 8 days, each one of which will be based on a different thematics (see below). What we aim to achieve in this week is on the one hand the deconstruction and ridiculisation of specific grand narratives around “greek reality”, as well as a presentation of suggestions for creative survival under conditions of social dystopia. At the same time, we are interested in demolishing the idea of “the artist” as a magical, untouched, gifted persona and therefore we will share our creative methodology, be transparent and leave as much space as possible (within the limitations of this Biennale) so that happenings develop towards directions that the team dynamics of those taking part commands.

Sunday 29/09: “Celebration”

Tuesday 01/10: “Identity & Chaos”

Wednesday 02/10: “Tradition & Family”

Thursday 03/10: Body &… “the Body”

Friday 04/10: “War & Death”

Saturday 05/10: “Greeceland”

Sunday 06/10: “The Inescapable of Capitalism”

The Gallery/Shrine

The Gallery / Shrine is FYTA’s attempt to be involved with the real art of iconolatry, as it has developed for thousands of years. The gallery/shrine consists of representational portraits by John Biebel, Marie Harimoto, Erik Mittasch, Blemobil, Jan Grosskreuz, Στέργιος Σκώτος, Daniel Schmude, Artboydancing.

We build a small place of worship and although up until this point we never presented any image of our faces, with this work we land on the opposite side, identifying with a hysterical crescendo dealing with the relationship of artist and audience. With an appetite for self-cannibalism, we give away our souls and image to voodoo artists. In the gallery/shrine, the audience can adore us, can identify and at the same time be surrounded by a narcissistic feel and an unclear position on notions of the holiness of the artist and the artwork itself. Inside our gallery/shrine, works are holy, art elevates itself. The audience is called to adore the images, to sit on the Smaragdus Pillows, as well as to offer a vow, another portrait, perhaps its disapproval or whatever else the audience desires.


Sunday Sep 29th

In the prelude to the Fykos (ficus) week we receive a proper introduction to the forthcoming happenings. As a precursor to what is about to follow, this day finds us celebrating with a kind of rookie’s naiveté. The party is interrupted by various misfortunes but there is a generally relaxed vibe.

During the day:

Wine Fest hosted by Stafylakis

The first signs of the catastrophal celebration about to unravel in the former Stock Exchange space. FYTA invite you to try out a reception that punishes whoever apathetically chews over clichés and canapés.

Botany Scrapbook (Fytológio)

Anastasia Diavasti’s work combines a lyrical formalism and a love for the trivial, the everyday and the random. At the opening of Bianella Anastasia will present the Botany Scrapbook, a performance in which she will be creating scanned portraits of flowers and other objects live before and for the audience.

19:00-19:30 The four types of the neo-macho alternative boy

Dr. Sacerpoulus presents a lecture on the subtly tinted closeted macho in the alternative culture. We would advise you to keep notes for your own self-improvement.

20:30-22:00 Troktika LIVE

Ta Troktika (The Rodents) is the first queer electropop band using Greek as their language. Carrying (post?-)pop aesthetics, clearly aggressive political lyrics and a love-hate relationship to the concept of spectacle, Ta Troktika invite us to an interactive space; a cult for their followers – who they also call rodents – revolving around the entity of the Holy Mother of Rats, venturing into a post modern relation to the audience, in which worshiping the pop idol is part of their universally deconstructive (ab)use.

Simultaneously in the space:

Apply for a song by FYTA

FYTA give you the chance to commission your very own song. Made with love and above all art, the results will be presented on the last day. You can download the application here.


A video exploring the existential side of boredom. Boredom, which according to Heidegger is a prerequisite to every form of human creativity, turns into a call for creating meaning and a momentary freezing of personal time-space.


A music project that never actually existed, Krankwelt cover the music of Kraftwerk, with a critical eye towards the modernist project of Kraftwerk, over 30 years later. Futuristic aesthetics as well as the utopian thematology of the original tracks yield a post modern, exaggerated post-colonial kitch, combined with depictions of capitalist neo-fascist dystopia in 2013 Europe and the World.

George Cottier – Jesus Christ

The Brit George Cottier belongs to a new generation of situationist (anti-)comedians who use Youtube as their main platform. His videos deal with the Pythonian absurd, but the fun disposition often gives its place to an almost  deadend – but also important on a dialectic level – obsession. In ‘Jesus Christ’ a very simple idea of a contradiction between the visual and the sonic constantly finds its balance between a synesthetic adherence and a blasphemous symbiosis, resulting in the emphasis of the obsessive campness that actually exists within these pagan images.

Identity and Chaos

Tuesday 01/10

Where we explore the limits of identity, the pain and agony inherent in them, our relationship with difference, the uncanny and the chaotic. As you can see it is a day of existentialism, a chance to reflect on the self and the Other. Those who attend will have the chance for a better understanding of the world.

18:00 – 19:00 Canto Ostinato

Alexandros Drossos will perform the epic work of Simeon ten Holt, a work that creates a constantly shifting environment. This performance will interact with the performance Catwalk, which will be constantly presented in the space for the whole week.

19:30 – 21:00 Filtig’s Meta-Karaoke Poetics!

An interactive game composed of words, music and images. Mismatched lyrics and sounds, mixed feelings and a disposition towards experimentation. Pop anthems turn into poems, heavy folk music turn into haiku; an emotional confusion prevails. The audience has the chance to become a curator of a performance art moment in three simple moves.

All-day events:

The Non-Research

Statistical-quantitative research/ the love for questionnaires, conjunction through randomness. You can download the research here.

Listen interactions / installations

FYTA present their first vinyl pressing in collaboration with Alexandros Drossos. Toying with the idea of lists as a creative medium, FYTA and their friends will organize a space full of lists, post-its and other notes. ‘Don’t forget to’, ‘I must’ and other nightmarish repeated appelations are forced into the obsession-compulsion of a list.

Chlorine Xynex will set up an interactive panel with emotional categories, calling the audience to explore the irregular-organisation of notions in a network of free association.

Other events:

Fashked Patrid (Than Tsoumas)

“Video art and culture will never go hand in hand”, Noah Comnenos, the famous art critic, once said. Garfunkelos, the video artist, now presents his glorious dispute, creating imagery for recitation of the poet Johnny Macarius. The poem recited is none other than “Fashked patrid”, a poem which the poet himself has described as a ‘declaration of loss’. A tortured and timid poem, like the mother. Garfunkelos was born in the dirty year of 1976, amidst the turbulence and the lost dreams of a whole generation. He discovered the world through the poetry of Athanasios Vlastaris, Kostas Chatzis, Johnny Macarius and, later, through the movies of Irving Kabolka and Maccano, he devoted himself to his greatest lover: the image.

In 2003 he left to study film in the UK, but he found himself in a country quite different from the kingdom of the Iron Lady. Currently he resides in Athens, serving various compromises.

(rejected from Athens Video Art Festival, accepted unanimously from FYTA Bianella)

Dimosthenis Dimitriadis

Dimosthenis Dimitriadis is a project which combines psychotherapy with trolling and parody, that lasted from 2005 to 2009. During this period, F78 was doing his PhD on the relation of poetics and the moving image. Poetics is a term widely misunderstood, as it reminds audience and critics alike of a pompous lyricism and symbolism. During the period of the PhD, F78 ended up constantly delimiting what wasn’t interesting to him rather than the opposite. Through this process, Dimosthenis Dimitriadis was created, as an imaginary alter-ego that creates “poetic abstract films”. The idea began as an in-joke, but in the end Dimosthenis was presented in a seres of small independent film festivals, in which the audience wasn’t sure whether what was presented was a parody or not.

Goofious Serendipity in Domestic Violence

A video of Anastasia Diavasti that produces poetic images, focusing on insignificant details of a claustrophobic, middle-class environment.


The collaboration between Mariza Koch and Filtig surprises the listener with a work full of vocal experimentation and unexpected soundscapes. Mariza speaks, whispers, screams in a non-existent language, with raw emotion. Rage, despair and memory are caught up in an expressive maelstrom. In a similar motive of abstract emotion, the video of Bestbefore frames with images the haunting time and space of Platonia.

Tradition and Family

Wednesday 02/10

A day devoted to the destructive influence of the holy family and the fixations that arise as a result of tradition. Studies in folklore, familial confessions, cultural exercises and alternative families will unravel in an emotionally charged onslaught of nostalgic experiences.

On a table 13:00-16:00 Mani-Pedi (nail art)

Have you ever wondered about the connection of Mani and Manicure? This installation will be the answer to all your questions. An ethnological study of nightmarish absurdity that reaches for the extremities of hellenism and uncovers their monstrous dimensions.

19:00 – 19:30 Metatheodosia: “Daddy Knows”

Metatheodosia is the project of Alexandra Dimitriou which arose from her collaboration with FYTA. Metatheodosia creates collages made of found sounds in the greek reality and prose of a queer-meets-kyratsa pompous personality. In her work “Daddy Knows”, Metatheodosia will present a phone call to her father, where the line between truth and performance, live and pre-recorded will be blurred.

20:00 – 21:00 The Dresden Project projection performance

The Dresden Project, a collage of images and sounds, will be presented by Alkis Blakasakis. It’s about the curious case of children from greece who grew up in East Germany. After the civil-war, almost one thousand children from communist families were transported to the German Democratic Republic without their parents or other relatives. The basic paradox of such a condition was the directive that these children should grow up immersed in greek culture and that they should not become assimilated in this new environment. The final goal was their return to greece when the communist perspective would be relevant again.

The source of these images is a super8 film found in the archive of Georgia Dewetzi (1940-2011). Georgia was one of those children who recorded with her camera the everyday experience of what she thought was a ‘normal’ life.

All-day exhibits:

Conservatism prediction chart

An incisive psychoanalytical move where we predict in a simple chart the trajectory of conservatism in a series of subjects. This work is the result of hard work from scientists who studied in vivo and recorded over a long period of time the life of their favorite personas. There are only a few statistical declinations due to the meager funding of the project.

Skyladiko Family Tree

A genealogy of the Skyladiko music genre, which starts from saint Christofer and ends with Paola, covering all the turning points of recent greek history. Skyladiko, in its many forms, influences all the instances of modern urban and rural aesthetics, and functions as a nodal point around which the symbolic space of hellenism is organized. During the formation of this diagram our researchers discovered an empty space in the Discourse of skyladiko (the positionality queer dog). Due to the seriousness with which we have approached the matter, we decided to cover this space by creating our own imaginary artist, the work of whom is presented next to the diagram.

Come tonight to Tom-Ma’s

The influence of rebetiko and the greek swagger meet samurai culture via an unreconcilable otamatone.


A video of the found performance of a female neighbor in athens. A documentary with obvious influences from Retire and the work of Giannis Oikonomidis.

Vrefi Salatas: FYTA meta-family

Vrefi Salatas was one of the first collaborative works of FYTA (and the precursor to the Bianella). In this album, a series of artists collaborated to create various covers and remixes of FYTA songs. Some of these works used the original tracks only as a minimum point of reference and evolved into distinct and almost autonomous works of art.  We present here three of these works, each with its own video.

Body & … “the Body”

Thursday 03 /10

In this section we give space to the various expressions of embodiment. We approach the body as a place of meaning , representations and ideas but also as its hard , impervious and unnegotiable materiality . The body of ritual and Taboos , the body of pleasure and pain , bodily ego and the body as a threshold of  the self. Generally talking about the body and …  the “body”.

14:00 to 4:00 p.m. The Lady, Greece and the zucchinni

“Plen tes tekousis me filein allen thele… except for your mother do not seek to love another woman (Menander)

¨ Gynaika thaptein kreitton esti gamein … it is better to bury a woman that to marry her” ( Chairimonas )

¨ we are what we eat ” ( popular saying ) The body remembers , the body hurts , the body works

On the occasion of these (and other) sayings Marisa Tsari  presents a performance on cuisinal congestion.

17:00-17:30 Ideobics – postmodern aerobics

Philosopher Sophia Efstathiou launches a revolutionary workout method that incorporates elements of animal ethology , biology , and psychosomatics . An exercise on wellness , which will balance body and mind.

20:00 to 21:00 Aggelos Kyriou LIVE

Aggelos Kyriou presents a project made ​​especially for Bienela , which addresses the complex relationship between body , food and sexuality.

All-day exhibits:

Fallosoupa (Blu Than)

A trek to the mountain villages of Crete. A life forgotten , full of aromas , flavors and traditions. Pictures of places where mothers still wash in the souplani . And the phallus always awaits, hot on the stove .


An experimental pornographic film on separation and reunion. Strictly unsuitable for vegetarians. [berlin porn film festival, 2012]

Nana’s Specs Appeal

The face of Nana Mouskouri is one of the most successful cases of stylistic trademark in the music history of the 20th century . Upon questioned on what it is they remember most from Nana if they had choose only one item , most people would say “nana glasses”, a term still used in Britain to refer to the big black horn eyeglasses. For a person who has more than 200 official releases  having glasses  as their link memory is something particularly interesting. For this video we focused on Nana’s Christmas albums giving them life and watching them multiply and mutate as if from a Christmas miracle.

Vegetative Thereminics

Plants are in permanent contact with nature and its peculiarities . Already since their second album («fyta tiganita» ) , FYTA introduced the genre bratmusic as an experimental investigation of the kitchen as a space of sonic creativity. Continuing this tradition we present  a project for theremin and vegetables.

War and Death

Friday October 4th

Enough fun and games, time for sad stories. In this section we explore WAR and DEATH.

17:00-17:30 The four types of the neo-macho alternative boy

Dr. Sacerpoulus presents a lecture on the subtly tinted closeted macho in the alternative culture. We would advise you to keep notes for your own self-improvement.

18:00 -19:00 Impromptu funerals

Various versions of mourning. Tragic, comical, awful, cathartic. Study on loss.

19:00-20:00 Found Science and Conceptual Reincarnation

Sofia Efstathiou presents a spicy speech on thorny matters of Philosophy and Science. She will dedicate the first part of her speech discussing the term ‘found science’ (a term that she herself has introduced to bibliography as a reference to found art) and the second part to the idea of conceptual reincarnation, a new idea that bridges the conceptual gap between science and new age.

All-day events:

Facebook Unfriending Advice

In times of extensive social networking without a means to an end, FYTA take it upon themselves to relieve you of your long lists of ‘friends’. In three simple and pain free steps your life will… change.

Nationalist neo-folk-art

The existence of art with conservative political content and at the same time a problematic relation to the form, is something quite ordinary in the last two decades in Greece; with some very special moments, such as the moralistic pagan-rock of Paparokades (priest rockers). But the recent socio-economical course of events, as well as the boom of home technology have made way for a new, much more difficult aesthetic coexistence. Since 2010 a new folk-art genre has been booming, which we decided to name ‘nationalist neo-folk-art’, since on one side its main goal is to awaken the nation, but on the other side it uses montage, collage and mishmash bricollage techniques, which unwillingly point towards the aesthetics of fluxus and the situationists. These collages want to pass on the message of an urgent need, but at the same time are lacking in essential ideological positioning. The result always leaves the spectators speechless, stripping them away from any methodological means to deconstruct or grasp the aesthetic choices.

IMF: It Gets Better

As part of a more general ideological retrofitting, innate to this modernism phase, various organisations and institutions adopt a rhetoric in favour of LGBT rights. This is used as a sign for progressivity and good intentions, concealing the complex history of suppression, colonialism and conservatism of those institutions. Thus, neo-imperialist politics are being painted pink. The pinnacle of cynicism was that video in 2013 in which members of the IMF narrate personal tearful stories, trying to appear as human as possible. But the editing demon is always there, since their presentations are full of racist clichés. We refuse to accept such cynical contradictions in our time and we decided to help the audience read between the lines of this exceptionally problematic video.

Satanists in Argos

One of the most interesting consequences of the collapse of traditional means in Greece during crisis is the stream of all those informative blogs that sprung out to cover this gap. In this piece, Alkeste Picky created an outrageous story regarding the existence of Satanists in a small town, a story which was rapidly republished on a number of other informative blogs, triggering answers and a public discussion concerning the accuracy or not of this testimonial.

Αlvorada Dourada

A Brazilian skinhead decides to try his luck in Greece by learning the language, the racist customs and the fine colourings of Greek culture. Borrowing from the Golden Dawn rhetorics, he succeds in bringing the spectator face to face with the dystopian present of  Greek reality.


Saturday 05/10

This is the day of total destruction, where toxic quantities of greekness fill the space with their poisonous fumes.

16:00 – 17:00 Medea, New Media

Vasilis Blemobil presents a performance based on the unjust patriarchic story of Medea and the corrosive propery of glitch art. He takes on retelling old stories through a new queer deconstructive point of view.

18:00 – 18:30 Hellenic Quest Lecture

In this lesson you’ll learn how to promote your company with the use of Ancient Greek. In contradiction to those claiming that  Ancient Greek is a so called…’dead’ language, we’ll prove to you how it can promote and boost productivity and sales of your company.

19:00 – 19:30 The seven slaggers: “YOU’LL NEVER EVER BE A GREEK, OH GERMAN, OH GERMAN!”

Not only do the Germans want our oil, islands and moussaka, they want to become Greeks themselves! How else would one explain all the greek inspired songs they produce? And how is the permanent establishment of these barbarians related to the orchestrated housing of contemporary art in the Bavarian protégé of germanocracy situated on Siggrou Street? All this conspiracy is unveiled by Dimitris Demopoulos. On the piano, Alexis Pianokeys Stenakis. The indictment contains product defining and redefinition of theories of the cosmos.

20:00 – 20:30 The Great Garbie performance

A performance that explains the aesthetics and ideological temperament of the 90s through the means of KETI GARBI. Through the alteration of music and text the spectator is invited to comprehend the transpositions of the cultural productions of the last three decades.

21:00 – 22:00 New Greece (The Making-Of) opera

200 years after the birth of Richard Wagner, an artist who in his own particular ways managed to stir up the national fantasy, the greek people are invited to a total reorganization of their ways of life, regarding family, work spaces, public spaces, in connection with a newly charged relationship with the idea of german leadership. The populist oratorio New Greece (The Making-Of) consists a work-in-progress (in collaboration with the 48th Demetria and the 4th Athens Biennale) in which the team <the Operas of the beggars> attempts to negotiate artistically some of the charged aspects of the fantastical of the junta Greece, particularly those that crystallize around the meanings of decadence, death, rebirth and…rebranding of the nation! Probably further than a traditional musical, the performance New Greece (The Making-Of) attempts a “memorial”, mythical approach in direct relation with the space, in which the particles of Wagner’s music are chosen out through the original music of Charalambos Gogios on texts by Maria Topali (The middle class space) and Demitris Demopoulos (Helios Corp.).

All-day exhibits:

Greeceland graph: Rebranding Greece

The Gene of Stupidity

In one of King’s Colleges’ labs in London, one of the most controversial research of the past years is being carried out. A team of geneticists with leader Dr. Kassandra Paleologou, research the correlation of the greek genome with the mental performances of the subject that carries it. In this inventory we present the research itself along with the reactions it has caused.

News from the Future

A retro-futuristic record of the frustrated team of Syntagma Square.


A video-game based on the life and works of the important greek composer, Mikis Theodorakis. The musical background consists of an 8-bit homage to signifiv\cant songs for the junta. The initial idea was presented on the record ‘TheodoRakos’ by Filtig creating a blurry landscape of nostalgia in which the records of parents and uncles play inline with afternoon consisting of ATARIS.

 The inescapable of capitalism

 Sunday 6/10

Every story comes to an end with an ambivalence. And ΦΥΤΑ Bianella does so as well. Reflection of our presence in this specific space, self-criticism and the same time selling out the image we built through this procedure. An attempt to understand where we stand in a discussion about art, commercial art and art in general. An attempt to actually make some money.

ΦΥΤΑ Auction house in collaboration with internationally renowned presenter Marinos Kalogirou and his assistant Dr. Mariza Pantazidou-Bochevsky invite you to an evening full of passion, dedicated to the Greek fauna, which has always been adored, even to this very day. Plants-works of art of exceptional rarity and obviously of Greek origin constitute the chosen objects of our auction, waiting for their candidate buyer. Don’t lose the opportunity to acquire them! Make them yours! It may actually be your last chance.

ΦΥΤΑ have prepared and will present for one single performance the musical ΤΖΕΝΕΣΙΣ (GENESIS): the story of the world from the plants’ perspective. Investing on temporariness to describe one of the greatest and most complex stories, ΦΥΤΑ build a performance of a work, made to be performed only once in a lifetime.

 All-day events:

 ΦΥΤΑ for sale, hire

The visitors of the exhibition will have a single opportunity to hire us for a social event or for private use. For more information do not hesitate to address your questions to the office in charge.

Commercial break

Combining known forms of greek low budget commercials with as inconvenient content as possible, Blu Than has created two outrageous commercial spots.


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